kouw disaster

Thursday, November 08, 2007

To anyone who caught the KUOW interview today,my apologies.I know i sounded like a NUT job.I knew i was screwed the minute i walked in and realized they had their own agenda of how to make talking about our record fit into a box that made sense to the shows theme.My record has little to do with a disconnect from nature in a literal sense-But it is the fear of disconnecting on an emotional level that i wanted to talk about,and everything to do with trying to fight everyday to remain connected to everything.I just wasn't feeling well and couldn't really put my thoughts together that morning.It's so unfortunate when this happens and amazing how vulnerable it can make you feel knowing that you have failed so miserably at trying to communicate from the heart-which is what i live to do.So there you are.I'm so sorry.jesse


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