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Friday, March 28, 2008


I am so excited to announce that the vinyl is available and the street date for those of you who still go into record shops is April 14th. Our friends at Southern Lord have already sold out of the first pressing and until they repress, those of you who need to have them shipped can order them from our online store (starting this Monday) or through our label Barsuk Records.
Anyway, it looks absolutely stunning- the printer did a fantastic job (although he was unable to give me an upper lip!) as did stephen o’malley with his re- arrangement of the layout and beautiful new take on the back cover. anyway, as i mentioned it is a double record and it has a bonus track "smiling serene" and also a very limited amount of peach/pearl colored vinyl is available. i don’t know about you, but i intend to hold that colored plastic up to the sun and just stare through it for hours while i spin the record on my pinky finger. these are limited edition pressings, so act quickly if you want one!! also to report, we just spent last weekend (from friday noon till 7 a.m monday morning) in the studio (avast) with the exceptional mell dettmer at the helm, mixing some songs that eric recorded at his house and mine! eric mixed the last song starting at 3 in the morning-yikes!! we had a good time, and these songs will be available when you see us live-which brings me to the next batch of news....europe dates are still being worked out and there is more then just talk of a west coast jaunt with our friends in EARTH in june-cant wait!!! ok,well, see you soon j.s


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