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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

hello everyone, well the european tour is finished. only got pulled by the scary french police once, right after all the guys bought knives at a truck stop. luckily they didn't put the dogs in the van this time around. anyway, tonight is our last night in amsterdam. while the rest of the band is out celebrating i have decided to relax and use this time to update you on our upcoming plans. but first i want to quickly thank all the people who came out to the shows (which were mostly amazing), but especially miss marissa nadler for making it all so very special. her songs make me feel like i am inside the heart and mind of a young bud cort-they help me to cry the way i would if i could live inside that world of harold and maude all the time. i need to cry like that sometimes. so thank you marissa for reminding me that i still can. black mountain folks ...thank you too for the music-and the warm warm energy. it was so good to meet you all!!alright then,please check out our upcoming tour dates with can but tix from our myspace page in the blog section(most recent) ok,all for now .xoj.s

***a new song off our tour ep has need posted "sunday skin" it's called.


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