pedal to the meddle!!!

Friday, September 05, 2008

So just a gentle reminder, for those of you who have HBO and like vampires, and our music, you might get a kick out of watching "true blood" monday night sept 7th, as it features our song "the dreaming dead". then please check out our tour page as we are about to head out for these shows... some with miss Marissa Nadler and some with Black Mountain... and one with Yo LA Tengo!!! couldn't be more excited!!...and we are proud to be bringing along with us on this autumn journey, the young Chris Szachy , i only bring his age up as it is a rare thing to find such a talented pedal steel player who is not in his 40's or 50's , even 90's(in my opinion) Chris is a mere 26 years old, and he will be bringing the metal into our sound, heavy, heavy metal- as in Pink Floyd "Meddle" thats what im sayin!!! see you out there soon! j.s.


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