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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Hi everyone, sorry its been so long! Just been so busy finishing writing for this next record. We go back into the studio this week to begin the last portion of recording, and hopefully it'll be mixed in May. Before i go on about the future i want to thank a few of the kind hearted folks who have sent us donations to help with the insanely expensive vet bill for our dog Ruby(who is doing great post surgery...fully recovered and quick!). We hated to draw attention to it as we know we aren't the only folks going thru rough times money-wise.... but i always have said i would do whatever it takes to help my dog when the time came... and that time has come. So thank you "Teardrop' and the others for thinking of us in our time of need. Anyway, Phil and I will be playing the Triple Door(Seattle) on April 15th, and for those of you that liked us in the old days when we sat down-well, we have a special surprise for you!.... Anne Marie will be joining us for a few songs as she is accompanying Mike Dumovich who is opening the show... he has a stunner of a new record out... so, this will be a special night. In other news, I am going to be performing the "Sinking Belle" with SUNNO)) and Boris at All Tomorrow Parties in Sept... below is a press release (Bill Herzog will also be part of this.. and Phil too with his dreamy harmonies!) ok, well enjoy the springtime whrever you may be.....(i apologize for the horrible writing on this one... was kept up all night by a dying refrigerator...i am typing this as i wait for the fridge repairman!!) All my best-jesse

Southern Lord Recording Artists SUNN O))) and BORIS will unite to perform as ALTAR -- as heard on their 2006 Altar full-length -- at the third annual All Tomorrow's Parties Festival in Monticello, New York.

A varied barrage of of acts are confirmed to perform at this outdoor extravaganza in addition to ALTAR, including Iggy & The Stooges [performing Raw Power], Sleep [performing Holy Mountain], Sonic Youth, Mudhoney, Tortise, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Raekwon, Explosions In The Sky and more. ALTAR's performance shall take the headlining slot for Sunday, September 5th, the full day curated by legendary filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, who included selections from the Altar album and other Southern Lord artists in his 2009 film The Limits of Control.

For the full ATP 2010 lineup and other info on the festival check the Southern Lord Blog: or ATP's official site:
For coverage on all Southern Lord aktions contact the Earsplit Compound.


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