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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hello Friends...Hope you are all enjoying the rest of the glorious Autumn. We are excited and honored to have been part of the Barsuk Records 15 year anniversary celebration. In this day and age, simply enduring is something to celebrate when so many record labels have not survived the transitional mayhem of the digital age - 15 years is quite remarkable! Congrats Barsuk! For the anniversary the band played at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle, WA with the original lineup (Anne Marie Ruljanchic, Kevin Warner, and Bill Herzog) and performed the debut album Reckless Burning (2002)from start to finish- plus some songs from Oh, My Girl. Thank you to all who showed up to enjoy this novel event on this magical fall evening, and sorry for those unable to get tickets(the show was sold out weeks in advance!)...New songs are in the works, and we are trying to figure out the next step to get us closer to recording our next album.....It has been a strange 2 years since Marble Son came out...We have had some personnel changes and the bottom line is; sometimes one just needs time to reflect...Life to me is about the in-between stages, the slight whisper between the larger and louder stuff that happens. What seems less important is probably what needs paying attention to more often then not....In this down time I did a some essay writing which describes some of these notions...just go to the "links" page and look under "essays"...Till next, hope you all enjoy the coming winter!!I know i will. J.S


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