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Thursday, March 27, 2014

There is nothing to stop searching, you. So much beauty to reflect on...why then does it all seem so sad? I suppose the weight of all that beauty can be burdensome for some, for those who shift and slide, touching and beating against the space they occupy. For some of us, we are confused by the opposing forces, the space-the thin film that surrounds what is meant to be understood -as us. I'm not sure anymore what it is I'm meant to be fighting against....or for. Life is confusing, and the internet sure doesn't help....for me, it's as if my brain perceives all my ideas as already occurring in various baked and half baked degrees....It's true we are all connected, but somehow it seems clear it's best to leave some of the mystery out there in the ether, unformed, until someone is willing to tend to these specific notions in a diligent and thoughtful way. Instead it's all fragments (most of the time)....essays that leave you hanging.....thoughts like this, unresolved. I am longing, I am searching-for what? This is how i By Jesse Sykes


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